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CrayDesign has been helping creative professionals with custom-tailored internet content and print materials for over 20 years. We can work with you to create a website that reflects your style and personality and develop complementary print media for a unified branding style and message.


Creative professionals often forgo the large paychecks for their creative pursuits. We price our experience, skills and talents affordably for YOUR budget. YOU shouldn't have to pay corporate prices for a website. Your needs as a creative professional are different and CrayDesign understands!


I work on a Mac, test on a Mac, PC, iPhone, tablet, and make sure your website looks right in the major web browsers. I generally custom code HTML5 & CSS3 on a Bootstrap framework and utilize pupular JavaScript libraries like jQuery into websites as needed. I also have photography and sound editing experience should you require.

Tel: 847.890.1625

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I'm always interested in talking with creative professionals about their design needs, whether it be cd artwork, logo design, creating promotional material, designing, redesigning, or updating a website, custom banners, HTML emails, etc. I'm happy to present options to help you figure our whether you would benefit from a Wordpress website, an HTML email campaign, or even a logo or custom business card.

Please call or email me at your convenience:

Thomas Cray
Tel: 847.890.1625